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about First Call Trucking

Our Story:

John DeFazio Sr had a storied career delivering fresh meat and produce around Boston’s north end from the 1930’s through 70’s, first by horse and carriage and then with the advent of the motor engine and automobile, by car and truck. After a tour in the Vietnam War, and a brief military career in the Air Force, John Jr followed in his father’s footsteps by founding First Call Trucking in 1992.

Nancy DeFazio, upon graduation from UMASS Amherst and a short gig as a radio host in Brisbane, Australia, joined the First Call team full- time in 2006. Now with more than twenty- two years in business, the team at First Call has become experts in their field, familiar with the needs and requirements of distribution and shipping for a wide range of business types.

Because of their experience with the nuances of shipping in/around Boston, you can count on First Call Trucking to provide timely deliveries with honest, accurate quotes for service and most importantly, proactive corrective actions no matter what unexpected roadblocks are encountered.