Since Kraft Foods decided to cut 200 tractors and 700 trailers from their fleet, there has been a lot of renewed interest in outsourcing in the trucking industry. If you’ve got a fleet of trucks, you may well benefit from a similar situation. In fact, we have three good reasons you should start thinking about outsourcing your business to business trucking fleet.

Here’s what Kraft spokesperson, Joyce Hodel has to say about outsourcing;

“This is part of our broader integrated supply chain focus on supplier integration – to use the scale and capabilities of our strategic supplier partners.”
You can bet that if Kraft thinks it’s a good idea to make a big change like this, they’ve got the numbers to back it up. So, let’s find out how this kind of thinking can help your business too.

Money: This is probably the main reason that any company considers outsourcing their business to business trucking needs. The reality is that a healthy profit margin is not just important, it’s imperative. No matter how you look at it, it costs much less to use somebody else’s equipment and employees to your advantage. In business, it’s all about finding ways to increase productivity and profits.

Time: The old adage is “Time is money.” No doubt, you’ve heard it and probably used it yourself. This is especially true when it comes to outsourcing your trucking fleet. The more time you spend working on transportation and warehousing logistics, the less time you have to focus on other important things such as producing your product.

Success: The third reason to consider outsourcing your trucking fleet is a bit more ambiguous, but it’s just as important. It’s been written in just about every book on business “follow success.” If a successful company like Kraft cut their fleet after investing so much into it already, your company will also benefit. Remember, it’s about staying competitive and keeping market share, more than anything else.

Outsourcing their business to business trucking fleet worked for Kraft and we bet your business will benefit as well. Following success, mastering your time and your money are all really good motivators to get you thinking about your own trucks. If we can answer any questions, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you decide if outsourcing is right for you.