If you’re a materials supplier, then you probably know that there are different transportation means available to carry your merchandise; one of those means is airfreight, or shipping via plane (hence the term “air”). This article presents the key advantages of shipping via air.

No more time constraints
Choosing airfreight removes the time constraints to which you might be subject since your shipments will be transported quickly from any location to your chosen destination. In addition, the fact that airplanes are one of the safest methods of transportation means that the risk of accidents in transit is relatively low.

Greater control over the movements of your cargo
Another benefit of airfreight is that you are privy to the exact time when your shipment will leave and arrive at a given location. And once your merchandise has left their airport, you have the opportunity to track it in real-time.

Less logistic work, and more money savings
One of the common issues associated with freight is that merchandise must sometimes sit in transit zones for hours before getting picked up by another driver. This type of delay may incur additional warehousing and/or handling fees.

If airfreight-shipping sounds like the right fit for your business, you will also need a carrier to transport your freight to and from the airport. For all your airfreight trucking needs in Greater Boston please contact us. We are in and out of Boston’s Logan Airport daily with a fleet of TSA/STA cleared drivers. And see below for our airfreight-trucking tariff.