Raise your hand if any of the following describes you:

  • You’re a rapidly rising start-up company with large orders coming in, but as yet without the funds needed to maintain a fully stocked warehouse.
  • You’re a reseller needing to consolidate and quickly ship orders that involve a bill of materials, i.e., items consisting of components from different manufacturers.
  • You’re a distributor that occasionally ships items that require controlled temperatures thus you need a quick turnaround that doesn’t requite you to bring them onto your site.

Even if haven’t raised your hand, you most likely have the odd expedited multi-item order that needs to be consolidated and get where it’s going within a very slim time frame. No?

How about the opposite – the large incoming shipment that needs to be broken down and forwarded to several destinations? If so, our cross-docking service may be just what you need to meet your distribution deadline.

What is Cross-docking?
Cross-docking is a form of logistics requiring products received from a supplier or manufacturer to be turned around and shipped out within a minimum amount of time. The distribution method gets its name from the fact that the goods are delivered to a terminal’s inbound dock, then processed and transported on to their final destinations via the outbound dock. The process requires the availability of forklifts and ample warehouse space.

Where First Call Trucking Comes In
Our spacious warehouse is equipped with a forklift and our trucking division offers trucks, equipped with lift gates, dock plates, dollies, and pallet jacks, on call 24/7. And if you need to ship overseas, our TSA-certified, STA-cleared team is up-to-date and in compliance with all Homeland Security rules and regulations relating to air-freight shipping and distribution.
Contact us to find out more about cross-docking as well as the many ways our trucking, courier and warehousing services can help you keep your business moving.