Your folks and your business professor would be proud of how successful your business has become. Consumers can’t get enough of your Purple Teddy Bear and its assorted clothing and accessories. Online sales have gone through the roof and now it’s time to start wholesaling your product to local gift shops and department stores. You’re thinking of getting a small truck to make the deliveries. Let’s look at the numbers:

You might be able to get a used heavy-duty 2006 Isuzu box truck for about $23,000, which you think is your primary expense. But don’t forget to factor in the cost of gasoline and maintenance because your purchase is more prone to problems now than a new vehicle.

Unless you plan on delivering the freight yourself, you’ll need to hire a delivery driver. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics pegs the average salary of such drivers in the Boston at $37,260 per year, or $17.91 per hour. The lowest paid earn under $19,940 and the top earners make over $60,540. Of course, you’ll have to bump up the salary by about a third to cover taxes and benefits.

Don’t forget to factor in commercial vehicle insurance, which can run from $800 to $2,000 per year depending on what coverage you require and what vehicle you end up with.

Owning your own truck, even if your business is successful, can be an expensive proposition. You then have to add the management of this task to the long list of duties you already perform for your enterprise. And let’s not even speculate on how much it would cost you if your truck gets into an accident or breaks down.

Your Mom probably told you to always try out the paint sample on the wall before buying a whole bucket. You can do the same thing with your deliveries by hiring a local trucking company. You avoid the expenses of truck ownership and the hassles of managing a new employee. All you have to worry about is selling your products. And we will take care of the rest.

Why don’t you contact us to see how we can go to work for you? I think Mom, Dad, and your trusted business advisor (whoever he or she may be) would want you to.