Have you heard of Wikifoods? If you shop at Whole Foods you may have already tried one of their products and not even known it. Wikifoods, a subsidy of Quantem Designs, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has partnered with Stonyfield Farms to bring you a new snack that can be found in your grocer’s freezer. IncrEdible Perfectly Free are bite-sized frozen treats that are free from the most common food allergens: Dairy, gluten, peanuts, wheat, soy, almonds, cashews, fish and shellfish. They have a creamy vanilla core encased in real cherry, real blueberry, rich cocoa or salted caramel. Wikifoods is the brains behind the encasing. And though it may seem simple, it’s “shell technology” is quite innovative.

Inspired by nature, WikiFoods technology wraps a vast range of foods and beverages in edible packages made of natural ingredients. Like the skin of a grape, WikiFoods encaspsulation process isn’t just a barrier against water loss and contaminant entry, it’s also a delicious vehicle for nutrition.

Today, as we have done many times in the past year, First Call Trucking & Courier delivered one of Wikifoods proprietary production machines from their plant in Amesbury, Massachusetts to their headquarters in Cambridge, MA. First Call Trucking & Courier: keeping the local economy moving in more ways than one!

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