A Freight claim is a legal demand by a shipper to a carrier for financial reimbursement for a loss or damage of a shipment, to recover their costs, not including profits, although in some rare cases claiming profits may be considered acceptable.

It’s not uncommon for frequent shippers to fall victim to lost or damaged freight. The following are the 3 types of freight claims you may be able to file in such an instance.

1 – Damage
A large number of freight claims that are filed are due to damage. Freight can be damaged in a number of ways from improper handling or packaging to inclement weather and poor road conditions that cause a truck to list or shake. The freight damage must be visible upon delivery and then notated on the proof of delivery document. According to most carrier contracts, shippers are generally responsible for proper packaging and proper descriptions on the shipping documentation or bill of lading.

2 – Loss
Freight loss or “lost freight” is reimbursed if you have documented against an original bill of lading that freight was picked up but did not make it to its final destination. In such instances there will be no “proof of delivery” document, at least not one that is signed.

3 – Shortage
Shortages generally happen when the amount of product on the bill of lading does not match the amount of product delivered. This is why it is imperative that bill of ladings be filled out correctly and double-checked before freight leaves its origin. The consignee must note in detail any discrepancies on the carrier’s delivery receipt. Have the carrier sign all copies to acknowledge your notation.

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