Most people know that hazmat trucking can be dangerous, but probably even less people know just why. Hazmat is short for hazardous materials, which is a class of products that could potentially cause harm to one’s health or the environment. Typically these types of products are explosive, flammable, toxic, corrosive, and/or radioactive.

The dangers that come with carrying hazardous materials are fairly obvious. Flammable materials can catch fire if exposed to heat. Explosives, by their nature, tend to explode. Either of these things have the ability to injure the driver or bystanders, which would likely lead to lawsuits. Anything corrosive could lead to chemical burns to people or damage to freight. Radioactive materials can be less forthright in that they can damage humans or the water supply pretty severely all whilst going unnoticed until the situation becomes truly untenable.
Pop Quiz!
How much do you know about the regulations on hazmat transportation?

Can a truck carrying hazardous materials park on private property?
Answer: Yes, but only with permission from the owner.

How far must a hazmat vehicle be parked from a public street?
Answer: At least five feet.

For how long may a hazmat driver leave the truck unattended?
Answer: A hazmat truck may never be left unattended so bathroom breaks are a no-no unless the driver is traveling in a “team”.

Transporting hazardous materials can be really dangerous, and sometimes confusing. Need some help? Contact us. We can take care of it for you.