To us, the benefits of TSA certified drivers are obvious. But if you are unfamiliar with the term or never shipped your cargo via air then read on to see how and why they can benefit you.

TSA Certified Drivers: Who Are They?
The “TSA” in “TSA Certified Driver” stands for “Transportation Security Administration” – that’s the government agency at airports responsible for passenger security, or to give you a visual, the guys (and gals) that make you take off your shoes when you fly. If you need to deliver goods to an air cargo terminal or airport, then you’ll want a TSA certified driver. Drivers with this certification are able to deliver directly to the air-freight facilities because they have the necessary security clearance to do so.

Benefits of TSA certified drivers
While you might not need a TSA certified driver for every job, it is helpful to have reliable TSA certified drivers that you can turn to when you do have a specific need. These drivers know all of the arcane rules regarding air freight shipping and can ensure that your cargo complies with those rules.
All TSA certified drivers must take a special course and get recertified each year to maintain their TSA clearance. If you’re a shipper who needs to get freight from A to B the fastest way possible, then it’s definitely worth having a company with TSA certified drivers in your contacts list to avoid any delays in your workflow and ensure that goods get picked up and transported on time every time.

We can help you with this. We have a fleet of drivers who are TSA Certified and we are in and out of Boston’s Logan International Airport daily. To talk more about this, or anything else related to air freight trucking, please contact us at: 617-799-9740.