In an effort to combat the issue truck drivers have with finding a place to stop and rest, the NATSO Foundation, NATSO, American Trucking Associations and the American Transportation Research Institute, have come up with and launched the “Park My Truck” app.

The app is available now in both Android and iPhone marketplaces for free.

The app is very simple but can make a world of a difference for tired truck drivers out there on the open road. Using your smartphone’s GPS, the app is able pull up all the parking spaces available for trucks. You can set it to look within 50, 100, or 250 miles of your current position, within a certain state, or along a particular highway. Clicking on a location will pull up all the details including the total number of spaces, facility type, network, phone number, address, and more.


With the tightening of federal and state highway budgets, asking to expand parking spaces for truck drivers is almost out of the question. The Park My Truck app sheds light on lesser known parking spaces, and ensures that drivers know where to park to get the rest they need.

Parking Providers who wish to report their public or private parking spaces can do so for free on the NATSO website here!