If a facility does not have a loading dock available for deliveries, a customer can choose an inside delivery for a freight shipment. The term, “inside delivery” is a trucking term used to describe any type of shipment that does not deliver to a loading dock.

Many trucking companies will not provide an inside delivery to a residential address. If a residential delivery is required, most standard carriers will deliver “curbside” (just in front of the residence), or possibly into the garage (if one is available). From there, it would be up to the homeowner to bring the freight inside the home. The philosophy behind this policy is to avoid complaints about freight movers tracking mud into the home or damaging walls and doorways. There are also liability issues if an injury or accident occurs inside the home.

An inside delivery to a business typically means the driver will place the item inside the main entrance to the business, but not necessarily to the items ultimate destination. If carrying the item up steps or in an elevator, the freight delivery charge may increase.
Most LTL carriers will not “break down” freight, meaning they will not remove items from a pallet or perform any type of uncrating services. If the item will not fit through a doorway, then the item will be left outside the door.

First Call Trucking provides a niche trucking service in that we specialize in inside deliveries. All of our trucks are equipped with hand dollies and lift-gates specifically for these types of jobs. Additionally, we are happy uncrate freight, remove it from a pallet, or do whatever it takes to insure delivery is made to the exact room or office you require. We can also be responsible for debris removal (if you have nowhere to dispose of an empty pallet or damaged crate yourself).

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