Have you ever thought about how everything you use makes it to you from wherever in the world it was manufactured? Freight companies move cargo from the point of origin to the final destination in a constant and continual cycle. It’s a never-ending process and getting the variety of items from source to destination requires a great deal of coordination of resources and careful planning. Logistics management is a crucial part of moving cargo in the most efficient and economical manner.

By the dawn of the 19th century, freight companies had begun to apply the concepts of military logistics to moving cargo. The process is continually evolving to meet the demands of customers who want deliveries to arrive when scheduled and at the lowest possible cost.

Third-party logistics companies or brokers sometimes handle these tasks, but they normally do not actually move the goods; they just handle the paperwork and scheduling chores. Others may occasionally use their own trucks to move cargo for part of the route.

Freight companies need to dispatch trucks that are fully loaded. When a customer needs to ship less than a full truckload (LTL), freight companies combine the customer’s shipment with other orders that are going to the same area or that are shipping to destinations along the way. An LTL shipment may consist of one crate or half the truck’s cargo space. LTL shipments should not be confused with hotshot services. However, hotshot shipments are typically reserved for emergency situations. They are typically more expensive than LTL or full-load deliveries, but many freight companies can dispatch and deliver hot shots around the clock.

Intermodal services, sometimes called “roll-on, roll-off” services, allow freight companies to coordinate shipments with the railroad companies. A truck picks up the load at the customer’s location and drives to the railroad yard. The trailer is placed on a railcar, and the train takes it to its destination. Upon arrival, a truck picks up the trailer and delivers the load.

Freight companies use a variety of trailers for specialized moves. The traditional box trailer is the style that is most familiar to American drivers.

Regardless of the equipment used or the name of the service, freight companies have a single purpose: moving cargo. In many parts of the country, deliveries made by any other method are either prohibitively expensive or impossible. Due to competition and regulations, freight companies must constantly work to make their services available at the best rate and in the most efficient manner.

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