The trucking industry is currently struggling to deal with a serious issue: the scarcity of truck drivers. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), more than 30 thousand trucking positions are now available and waiting to be filled. However, trucking companies are having a lot of trouble attracting new drivers . This article analyzes why the number of local drivers is set to increase in the next few months.
Why are there fewer drivers?
To understand why there are fewer drivers in the sector, one must look at a couple of key factors, namely:

  • The improvement of the U.S. economy
  • The demographic shift

The most attractive feature of the trucking industry is that there’s always work available. This has helped many who were struggling during the latest recession, but as the economy started improving, many drivers left the trucking sector for jobs in the construction or manufacturing industry because those jobs typically pay more.

The demographic shift is caused by the fact that many of the drivers currently working in the transportation services sector are readying for retirement but aren’t being replaced by younger drivers at a proportional rate.

Many truck drivers are opting for local routes

Time with family (or lack thereof) is causing many truck drivers to forgo long haul and over the road trucking assignments for jobs driving locally. Additionally, with the new regulations concerning downtime that have been recently applied, truck drivers are no longer seeing long hauls as particularly attractive from a financial viewpoint.

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