Do they call you regularly? A great logistics provider contacts you often enough to understand your business activity, needs, and future projects so they can work with you as seamlessly as possible. This type of collaboration will help your company grow and develop more innovative solutions to everyday shipping problems. A reliable logistic partner is not myopic – they think long term. They are able to do this due to open and proactive communication channels.
Do they listen carefully? Listening is a simple way for a logistics provider to understand your needs and goals and what stands in the way of them. By listening and understanding, a good logistics professional can suggest alternative solutions to save you both time and money.
Do they follow up? A great logistics provider believes in finding the answers! If he/she doesn’t have the necessary information already, he will track it down through his industry resources. And he will follow up, exactly as promised.
Do they have good references? An excellent logistics provider won’t have to tout his exceptional services on his own, he will have plenty of industry references to fall back on. See here for an example of such: