The Benefits of Using a Courier Service Like First Call Trucking & Courier

by | Aug 15, 2016 | blog, Courier, Why First Call?

In our present society, the expectation of immediate satisfaction has become commonplace.  Couriers, in their most basic form, have been around for decades (longer if you count delivery by foot or horseback).  With the launch of Amazon same-day, DHL Sky Courier, and Fed Ex Custom Critical – consumers are realizing there are lots of options for shipping their small parcel items quickly, efficiently, and budget-friendly.

Delivery time and cost are usually the main concern for those trying to send out their goods. If you need a package to arrive next day, there will be cutoff restrictions as to when the package can be tendered in order that it makes the connecting leg of its journey.   Most of the larger companies, like the ones previously aforementioned, will not offer or guarantee a delivery window in under four hours.  Smaller companies, like First Call Trucking & Courier, fill this void by delivering small, time-sensitive packages locally and throughout New England.

As an added bonus, it should be noted that local courier drivers are typically more reliable than line-haul or LTL drivers since the person who picks up the package is almost always the same person that will make the delivery.  Larger companies will have your package pass through multiple people – extra handling will create higher risk of human error such as lost or damaged goods.

If you are in need of a timely delivery of critical goods or documents, use a small, local courier like First Call Trucking.   You can count on First Call for timely deliveries and honest upfront rates for our courier and truck-courier services! Contact us at 1(800) HAS-SKID or use our contact form to request a quote from us today!