Last week Boady Butler from CCT Cogen Global, a niche “pre-op” cleaning company headquartered in Texas, called me frantic – he needed a hazmat certified driver to pick up a bottle of sodium hydroxide from Thermo-Fisher Scientific in Haverhill and deliver it to a job site at Yale University in New Haven, CT. And he needed it done fast. The bottle of sodium hydroxide was needed for the “titration” phase of the company’s core business which is cleaning new energy boilers. In this instance, the team on site at Yale realized they had a problem when this chemical, which was needed to determine the proper volume of chemistry in their cleaning solution, was missing from their “tool box”. The first obstacle was finding the item to purchase as it is not something you can buy off the shelf (the bottle we picked up was being prepared in the lab as we arrived). The second problem, according to Boady, was finding a way to transport it. Sodium hydroxide is considered hazardous and is therefore prohibited from being shipped as air freight. This is where First Call Trucking & Courier comes in. Our driver picked up Boady’s bottle and delivered the eagerly awaited item with, according to Body, “time to spare.” Boady adds, “We had already entered the acid stage and titration was next. Had we not received the delivery that day, we would have had to delay the acid stage, which would have delayed the project and the project was very time-sensitive.” Boady was so happy with our service that he actually tipped us, a practice, though common in some industries, is typically unheard of in the trucking and courier sectors.

CCT Global occupies space in a very niche market, not unlike the sector of the courier industry that we at First Call occupy. For time-sensitive delivery of your hazardous and/or dangerous goods, make your first call to First Call. We’re big enough to serve you but small enough to know you.