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Next Flight Out (NFO)

When your freight needs to travel over a large distance fast, the quickest way – i.e. the method with the shortest transit time – is by air. When your freight is extremely “hot” (that’s logistical lingo designating the freight as…

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Truck Maintenance Tips

By Scott VanBeek When you are in charge of a Class A or B CDL vehicle which could weigh as much as 80,000 pounds (loaded) you have a lot of responsibility. Doing pre-trip inspections will help prevent damage and problems…

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LTL Trucking

In the U.S. general freight industry, truck transportation offers shippers infinite flexibilities in moving goods from shipper to consignee. Freight carriers offer three types of service: Parcel carriers, Full Truckload (FTL) service and Less-Than-Truckload service known as LTL. While parcel…

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Hazmat Trucking

Most people know that hazmat trucking can be dangerous, but probably even less people know just why. Hazmat is short for hazardous materials, which is a class of products that could potentially cause harm to one’s health or the environment….

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