Each year, the holiday season is very hectic for retailers; in addition to greater numbers of customer sales and traffic, most retail outlets also experience significant surges in the trucking orders that they usually receive. While this is excellent news for trucking businesses that were seeking to boost their annual revenues, it also means higher prices for the customers who are trying to have their products delivered to various locations. This article discusses why now is the best time for you to use dry van trucking companies.

Facts about trucking rates during the holiday season
A report from DAT Solutions revealed that trucking rates went up during the end of 2014, despite the promotions that retailers applied. For example, dry van spot rates went up by 9.6% since November 2013. The report also identified specific reasons for the significant increases of trucking spot rates observed in certain cities such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Such reasons included:

  • The congestion at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and
    Heavy snowfall in Philadelphia and Chicago
  • Dry van rates increased by 13 cents in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and by 15 cents in Chicago.

Why use commercial trucking services now?
Post-holiday, dry van trucking orders are done. This will provide customers with temporary pricing relief, which is why you should utilize those services now. Delaying your trucking orders may be costly as rates are expected to rise again later in the year according to a report by the Royal Bank of Canada.
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