First Call Trucking and Lulu Lemon

by | Nov 27, 2019 | FCT News, Specialty Trucking Services

First Call Trucking is proud to be working with Traffix, a logistical services company based in Canada, to service Lulu Lemon’s delivery needs in the Boston market.  When Lulu Lemon decided to re-vamp their store at Market Street in Lynnfield, they needed to find a carrier able to deliver within a stringent time frame, before the store was open to customers.  Because of the sheer volume of freight going into the store, as well as the fact that the Lulu Lemon location in Lynnfield, Mass lacks a loading dock and would require an inside delivery (as opposed to simply a curb-side or store-front drop), this job called for three separate box trucks with lift-gates and a second man driver’s helper for each load.   This type of delivery, known in the transportation industry as a white glove delivery, is where we at First Call Trucking excel.  White-glove delivery services are a niche market often overlooked by the larger, national carriers in the trucking and transportation industries.  But as a small, local carrier, it’s our “bread and butter” and what we love to do. 

After loading all three trucks the evening before the scheduled delivery date, we then staggered each load over the span of three hours the following morning to ensure ample time for offloading without the client incurring additional detention time.  All three truck deliveries went off without a hitch and Lulu Lemon Lynnfield is now ready for their holiday rush. 

I asked my client at Traffix if, given our new relationship, I may be eligible for a Lulu Lemon discount.  His reply, “Nancy, why don’t I just give you enough work that you won’t be in need of any discounts.”  I’m fine with that, too! 😉