First Call Trucking “On Deck” When National Next Day Carriers Delayed Due to Winter Weather

by | Mar 29, 2018 | blog, Transport, Truck, Why First Call?

If you live in New England, then you’ve no doubt heard the adage that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.  And with three Nor’easters in the span of the last two weeks, this oft quoted, seasonal proverb has proven to be true thus far.  Severe winter weather, coupled with electricity outages, can wreak havoc on delivery transit times, and in turn, supply chains.  For time sensitive or “hot” freight, this can be disastrous.   And while large, national carriers like FedEx or UPS Ground will guarantee next day delivery (barring extreme weather), you will need to trust your small, local carriers, companies like First Call Trucking & Courier, for same-day/rush trucking.

For GE Healthcare in Troy, NY, the last spade of winter weather had the potential to interrupt their supply chain disastrously.  When FedEx Ground failed, due to severe winter weather, to pick up a skid of hydrogen chloride at Doe and Ingalls on Wednesday for a “guaranteed” delivery by Thursday, the company knew by Thursday morning that they would need to find a local carrier available for a last minute “hot shot” run.  That’s when they called us.

Patrick, GE’s Supply Chain Manager, called us Thursday morning desperate to have their skid delivered by the end of the day.  We picked up the 2,000lb skid in Peabody by lunchtime and had the freight delivered to Troy, NY (just outside Albany) by the end of the day.

The moral of the story: when tomorrow is too late, make your first call to First Call Trucking & Courier!