First Call Trucking Rescues Team Brazil from Logistic Nightmare

by | Jun 27, 2016 | blog, Logistics, Transport, Truck

The COPA International Men’s Soccer tournament recently wrapped three sets of games at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.  Unfortunately for Team Brazil, their porters left the team’s training equipment in Foxborough.  Big mistake.  Fortunately, First Call Trucking and Courier, in conjunction with Arpco, a transportation and logistical solutions company located in Texas, was able to pick up the forgotten equipment and deliver it to Boston’s Logan Airport in less than 24 hours.  Proving yet again, that we are the premier local trucking company for air-freight and “hot shot” shipments.

When we received a frantic call from Arpco at 5pm on Wednesday, June 15th, I could tell that the client
was skeptical that we would be able to deliver a truck, driver, and “driver’s helper” for a pickup first thing the following morning.  The added twist was that the freight had to deliver to the passenger departure terminal where a crew of people would be waiting to offload and check the equipment onto a specially chartered flight; said plane would then fly the precious cargo to Orlando to be reunited with Team Brazil on the next leg of its tournament journey.  The logistics of the cargo’s journey to Orlando had to be perfectly orchestrated to avoid delay.

Because of the idiosyncratic nature of this delivery, we knew that a smaller truck with a lift-gate would work best.  After hours spent with Arpco confirming truck and baggage clearance, we were ready to roll the next morning.

Luckily for Team Brazil, the delivery went off without a proverbial hitch.  The players were happy.  The
porters were relieved. And we were confident again in our ability to provide quality on-demand trucking any time of the day or night.  As proven in the example referenced above, we at First Call Trucking & Courier welcome the client with eccentric needs or outlandish requests.  Our logistical problem-solving skills are inferior to none.  So please, when you need on-demand or rush trucking, make your first call to First Call!