From Horse-Drawn Carriage to a Fleet of 1000’s: The Evolution of a “Trucking Family”

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Land, Landstar

The DeFazio Family – my family – has been entrenched in the transportation and logistics industry since before there were trucks. Throughout my childhood, my paternal grandfather – my “Papa” – would regal me with stories about his time hauling freight – mostly food stuffs – by horse drawn carriage in and around Boston’s Faneuil Hall Market Place and the New Market area of Roxbury. With the advent of the automobile, my Papa transitioned from horse drawn carriage to a motorized truck. His company, DeFazio’s Express, became widely known in the North End and beyond for his reliability, efficiency, and honesty. As my late father told me, my Papa was always up before dawn, home after dusk, and never missed a day of work until he retired in 1977.

After stints in the service and Corporate America, my dad, too, entered logistical services, purchasing a same-day/rush, trucking company from a friend in 1992. I joined my dad full time at First Call Trucking in 2006 thinking that at some point I would move on. But there’s something about this business – the way it can be both so maddening and fulfilling, the interesting characters you meet along the way, the intimate look into other people’s professional lives you are able to glean when transporting their products from Point A to B – that has kept me keen all these years later.

Now, some fourteen years since I first stepped foot into what was then my dad’s warehouse, I’m proud to announce my induction into an entirely new facet of the trucking industry – one whose opportunities are boundless because I now have the strength and bandwidth of the country’s largest light-asset carrier in my tool belt. As a new Agent for Landstar, I have a fleet of over 100,000 trucks to draw from for quite literally any modality of transportation that one could possibly need — from flatbeds and dry vans to refrigerated vehicles and step-decks.

If you need freight moved, please think of me. If you know of anyone in need of a company with whom to partner for their logistics needs, please, pass my name along. If trucking is in the DeFazio blood, than joining Landstar was a logical next step. I don’t have wings, but I do have wheels, and I will use them to fly.

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