You want your business to grow and keep up with customer demand. You or the client to whom you are shipping do not have a loading dock and your precious cargo is too heavy for you to lift. Look no further, First Call Trucking and Courier can handle all your lift-gate trucking needs!

What is a lift gate and how could it help my business?

A lift gate, also known as a lift-back, is a platform on the back of a truck that can lift or lower your product via a hydraulic system. There are a few different types of lift-gates including a conventional fold-up, rail-gate, and truck-under/fold-away gates. The type of lift you need will be dependent on the type of freight or cargo you need to get in/out of the truck and the pickup or delivery location for said freight.

Locations that tend to benefit most from using lift gate trucking include places of worship, construction sites, fairs/carnivals, and government facilities, all of which rarely have loading docks yet still need to receive freight of varying weights and sizes fairly regularly. Having a liftgate available at these types of locations can help reduce damage to your product and also minimizes injury to your employees.

First Call Trucking & Courier has a fleet of box trucks with liftgates available for all your trucking needs in and around Greater Boston. We also provide pallet jacks, dollies, freight bars, strapping/tie-downs and dock plates. We can also handle “inside deliveries” upon request.
Servicing and based in the Metro and Greater Boston Area, First Call Trucking and Courier will provide you with the platform for all your lift gate trucking needs. Whether distributed by land, air or sea, if necessary, your product can be picked up and delivered same-day. So sit back and let the professionals at First Call Trucking and Courier provide the solution for all aspects of your trucking needs.

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