If your products are time-sensitive, finding a professional, dependable and fast delivery service for your business is a must. Hiring the wrong trucking company will not only cost you money, but it could ruin your reputation. Here are a few tips for hiring the best same-day, rush trucking service for your business in and around the Greater Boston area.
Referrals and References
Talk to your business associates and ask who they use for their time sensitive air and ocean freight deliveries. Ask about the rates they paid, quality of the service and their customer service experiences. Also find out how long the company has been in business, the longer, the better. Trucking companies don’t last if they aren’t professional and reliable.
Trucks and Equipment
How is their equipment stacking up to your needs? Do they have newer trucks that will ensure trouble-free service? You want to assure that your product arrives in perfect condition and on time. Look for a trucking company that maintains their fleet regularly and that they are fully equipped to handle your product properly.
Some products will require special equipment like dock plates, lift gates, pallet jacks and dollies so that it can be moved. Professional trucking companies not only have equipment available, but they’re experienced in using it. They are also experts at securing loads so damage doesn’t occur in transit.
Warehousing and Distribution Services
Moving your product quickly can sometimes result in the need for a temporary holding space. Overnight warehousing and a temporary 3PL distribution provider can provide you with that extra storage space. By housing your inventory under the roof of a 3PL warehouse provider, you allow for multiple shipments in a more economical manner than might be possible otherwise.
If you’d like more information about same-day delivery services, temporary warehousing or any other logisitics issues, please contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.