Time is of the essence when trying to get those last-minute items shipped during the holidays. It’s important for consumers to get their packages shipped on time by a reliable courier. If you want a company that will deliver punctually whilst maintaining driver safety then here are some things that you should consider:

Years of Experience
Utilize a company that has workers with experience. A company with an experienced management, dispatch and driver team will be more adept at handling holiday overflow.

Guaranteed Deliveries
Be sure to use a company that guarantees time of delivery for your packages. During the festive season it can be difficult to predict delivery time on packages. However, if you have packages that are time sensitive, you want a company that can give you a definitive guarantee on delivery. Be sure to ask about shipping guidelines and proof of delivery options.

Business Recognition
When you select a courier company, you want one that is well-known in the business. First Call Trucking has been a household name and business’s best friend for many years. Customers and companies big and small have trusted them for many years. To find out more about reliable and safe courier services this holiday season contact us.