The weather conditions in Boston have broken snowfall records as of late. Snow-packed highways, and miles of impassable roads are affecting the shipping services of companies both large and small. Some of the smaller, local trucking companies, more adaptable to proverbial “bumps in the road”, have been able to step in and pickup some of the slack.

With smaller loads, and more adaptable service offerings, local/regional trucking companies are better able to adapt to changes in schedule due to weather patterns.

Everything in any market revolves around the supply-and-demand principal. During a crisis situation, such as severe weather, where demand for service is high but the supply of trucks can be low, an external alternative such as the utilization of a smaller, more adaptable trucking company can be an asset both to shippers and to the larger companies who may broker their loads out to them.

Smaller companies are typically much more flexible and able to work more directly with their shippers and their clients. This adaptability can allow their customers to be more competitive in their own markets.

At First Call Trucking, we understand the importance of working with you through any crisis, from blizzards to hurricanes to any other type of weather or non-related weather issue you can think of. To develop a disaster relief or business continuity plan for your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.