Boston is an old city that was not built for cars, let alone trucks. Large amounts of snowfall in winters such as this one make navigating its narrow streets even more difficult. For commercial truck drivers, delivering to downtown locations within our historic city is always difficult but it has been a proverbial nightmare as of late. Large trailers simply cannot navigate Boston’s myriad alleys, one-way streets, and pedestrian heavy districts. For deliveries in these sorts of areas, shippers have had to rely on local last leg trucking companies such as First Call Trucking & Courier. First Call’s local warehouse makes cross-docking quick and easy. First Call’s team can unload your trailer and transfer your freight for final delivery to the consignee on a smaller more compact vehicle, such as a dock high box truck, cargo van, SUV, or even a car (sedan).

Every Shipment Has Its Own Requirements
Every piece of freight comes with its own special needs. Many of the old buildings located in Boston’s downtown area do not have trailer accessible loading docks. Some do not have loading docks at all and will need a truck equipped with a liftgate for delivery. Most cross-country trailers are not equipped with lift-gates. In instances such as this, you will want to transfer your freight to a local terminal that has trucks with this sort of specialized equipment at their disposal. At First Call Trucking & Courier we have a fleet of trucks of varying sizes with lift-gates and pallet jacks available for dock to dock or inside deliveries.

Whatever your special delivery needs may be, let us handle the last leg of your important shipment. We have the trucks and personnel trained and experienced in local conditions. Please contact us today so we can help make sure your delivery is a pleasant one.