According to a report from Earth Gauge, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve stack up as the two most “polluting” days of the year. Indeed, around year’s end Americans generate about 25% more waste than usual, mainly because of all the extra food consumed, the gifts purchased, and the decorative items used for these special occasions. We can all do a small part to improve our carbon footprint. This article offers some tips on how to recycle properly, especially near the end of the year.

What to keep out of recycling bins
Before filling up your recycling bins with waste, you need to make sure that what you are attempting to recycle is in fact recyclable. Some examples of non-recyclable materials that are specific to the Christmas and New Year’s Eve seasons include:

  • Foil wrapped paper
  • Ribbons
  • Bows

Are you using recycling bins or random boxes?
If you’re piling up your waste inside boxes, then you need to make sure that these are made with recyclable materials. Everything that gets delivered to local recycling plants is automatically processed without prior verification. This is because these plants trust that both organizations and citizens have already separated non-recyclable items from recyclable ones. This is a task that would require extra work from local recycling plants, and affect their overall efficiency.

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