TSA Certified Drivers at Your Service

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Air Cargo, FCT News, Why First Call?

On Monday afternoon around 12 noon we received a call from American Expeditors in Woburn, Massachusetts; they wanted to know if we had a TSA Certified van driver that could pick up a live animal in Cape Cod and tender it to the airport by 6pm. Luckily, they called the same-day, rush trucking specialist and we were able to accommodate! Around 2pm Monday afternoon our TSA cleared courier picked up a Great Dane from his home in Eastham Massachusetts. We delivered him to Emeritus Airlines at Boston’s Logan International Airport where he would soon board a flight for Cairo, Egypt by Dubai!

Since opening in 1992, we have received some interesting requests – from transporting a motor vehicle involved in an accident as part of a civil lawsuit case, to delivering 100,000 recycling bins to residents throughout the City of Boston; the logistics industry as transportation needs span business sectors, class, and background; however, this one may “take the cake” in terms of its scope – residential pickup, live animal, international flight! Check, check, check.

At First Call Trucking, we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate unique and/or esoteric pickup and delivery requests. Big or small we serve it all. First Call Trucking & Courier: big enough to serve you but small enough to know you.