We’re Here to Help!

by | Apr 2, 2020 | hot shot trucking, Specialty Trucking Services, Uncategorized

With the current Covid-19 pandemic worsening by the day, the need for hospitals to quickly and efficiently receive loads of medical equipment and personal protective gear is omnipresent.  Because of this, our country now needs the help of our expedited truckers – those of us who specialize in hauling rush shipments that need to deliver as quickly as possible – more than ever.  First Call Trucking specializes in hauling just this type of freight – freight that is “hot” and needs to be expedited for a same-day, rush delivery.  Because of our niche in this particular facet of the trucking industry, we have delivered much needed equipment to hospitals for years – a MRI machine here, a printer there –  but never before have we seen such an urgent demand for what is to be a massive amount of medical equipment that will need to be dispensed rapidly and delivered efficiently as possible.  While the large national carriers will likely secure the majority of the government’s logistical work, we at First Call hope to assist in whatever way possible to handle the overflow, be that as a third party vendor through the likes of Fed Ex Custom Critical or DHL Sameday, or by working directly with our State government.  To the procurement officers and logistics manager(s) at the State House, please know that we are here to help if needed (and we are SOMWBA and WBE Certified to boot!).  To the likes of Fed Ex and DHL, you have our number and know how to find us.  

My dad, the founder of First Call Trucking, always told me that there were two kinds of people in the word: the “Can-Do’s” and the “No-Can-Do’s”.  In this particular time of crisis, First Call Trucking is ready to pivot as needed in order to land solely in the “Can-Do” category.  Here’s hoping that the other businesses throughout the Commonwealth and the Country will adopt the same mantra (as it appears many, like New Balance, already have)!

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash