Green Mission Statement

First Call Trucking & Courier Are Your “GREEN” Truckers:

recycling symbol surrounding the earth


  • First Call Trucking was the carrier responsible for assembling and delivering 60,000 new recycling bins to City of Boston residents in the summer of 2008 through the spring of 2009.
  • We print all our documents on 30% post-consumer recycled paper.
  • We are members of the first graduating class of the Sustainable Business Leadership Program (SBLP) and Boston’s Sustainability Business Network (
  • We teamed up with Boston College’s SIFE Program – an international organization that connects entrepreneurship with community service – and are actively researching alternative energy sources we can use to fuel our trucks.
  • We regularly donate to TerraPass, an organization that funds projects that reduce CO2 emissions and balances out the emissions resulting from our shipments. Each year, the average truck emits about 400,000 lbs. (about 4lbs. per mile) in carbon dioxide – a leading cause of global warming. When you choose to offset the carbon emissions of your shipment by picking an environmentally friendly carrier, like First Call, TerraPass will fund projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions somewhere else.

Nancy DeFazio receives LEED certification from Boston’s Sustainable Business Leader’s Executive Director Laury Hammel (far right)